GET ETH (Ethereum)

If you’re new to the crypto world and the NFT space, don’t panic! Most people are too, and the mere fact that you read these words mean that you’re a pioneer and early adopter!

There are only a few things to know before getting started. The first thing is that crypto, NFT and Blockchain technology are built on trust. They are the technologies of the future, and you’re at the right space and time to start being an active participant in the space.

There are several secure ways to swap your FIAT (the name we use to talk about centralised money like USD, GBP, EUR) for crypto assets.

To buy Crypto with a Credit or Debit Card without having to sign up to Coinbase, Kaken or any other exchanges, one of the easiest ways to go is to go to and to press “Buy”. The next screen is where you choose how much Money you want to change into Ethereum, and you can simply checkout by following the steps on screen. If you’re looking to change more than $15,000, please click here (takes to onboarding for 15,000$+)

You now have crypto inside your wallet! Congrats!

This was the hardest step, and from now on, everything you will interact with is blockchain powered, which means it’s very easy to use, and mostly one click for most actions!

This will take you to your transaction page on Etherscan (a website that tracks every movement on the ETH blockchain).

Once mined, your ETH is effectively transferred to your Metamask wallet and you’re ready to join in on any of the Crypto and NFT fun!


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