Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a work of art, kept, sold and authenticated through the Blockchain technology. It stands for Non Fungible Token, which literally means it’s a one of a kind piece of art, that only belongs to one owner. It’s the strongest proof of authentication that exists in the world at present.

What is happening in the Kobe Forever NFT Campaign?

This unique campaign contains two consecutive NFT drops. The First NFT, to be released on June 24, 2021 is a world first.

This unique drop will include an incredible card collection of different rarities and tons of cool designs, randomised and highly affordable. The card packs will potentially include special pieces from renowned guest artists, surprise items, and a flurry of great designs and gifts to be redeemed through special card combinations.

They will also have the ability to unlock access to a special Kobe Metaverse land that will constantly be evolving and enriched by new events and activities around the community of Mambassadors and token holders. With all the amazing unlockable content, community building elements, gifts, drawings and surprises for everyone that participates, this first drop is YOUR chance to hold a piece of history and become a true Kobe ambassador in the crypto world.

The second drop of this exclusive campaign will drop on July 8, 2021. It is a major art auction that includes the sale of a real-life, 8-feet tall portrait of the late Kobe Bryant by the up and coming artist Lindsay Wanner. It will be sold as a one-of-one, through a unique animation, augmenting the physical piece and delivering a 3D vision to accompany it. Through this final NFT release, the unlockable content for the auction winner will be the Kobe Metaverse that will live within this NFT. hosting the community of Mambassadors that can now flood through the virtual gates of this embezzled world and discover a VR landscape of surprises. All this in one NFT!

How can I help?

We have made a list of the Top 10 Ways you can help right now, and we’re open for any other ideas you may have. Reach us out on Twitter, E-Mail or Clubhouse!

How can I participate?

To participate in our campaign, you can ensure you’re crypto ready! All of the auctions and fundraiser drops will be traded in Cryptocurrency. By following our
Easy Onboarding Steps you can lead the way! To help further, raise awareness and get your friends set up too! Finally, you can check out our Top 10 Ways page, and get active in spreading the word!

What’s the best way to stay in the loop and get timely updates on this exclusive campaign?

Join our Discord server to get the most up to date information, announcements, updates, educational resources, etc!

Who does the fundraiser benefit?

Funds raised from this campaign will benefit the following charities: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mamba/Mambacita Sports Foundation, Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, Model Citizen, Charity Water, and More charitable causes will be added in time; charity nominations are currently being accepted.


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