Create Your Digital Wallet

Go to and install the free Metamask wallet to your browser. It is a secure, blockchain powered extension that can hold your currency, and be used for most .

Follow the steps to create your account. IMPORTANT: Ensure you save the SEED PHRASE that is only shown during setup, and DO NOT share it with anyone.

From there onwards, Metamask is what will be used to log in to any NFT and Crypto Art exchange.

To transfer the Ethereum you just bought in portis to metamask, simply click on your ETH address in the metamask extension to copy it, go back to portis, click on ETH in your token list, and paste the Metamask address in the “to” field. Choose the amount, and press send!

Transactions typically take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. You can track the progress of the transaction inside the blockchain by clicking the little arrow symbol that will take you to your transaction page on Etherscan (a website that tracks every movement on the ETH blockchain).


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